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         A beautiful woman can mask an ugly truth. When you order a date over the phone or meet someone at the bar you may leave with more than you bargained for including: Bacterial  Vaginosis, Gardnerella   Vaginitis,   ChancroidChlamydia, Nongonococcal Urethritis, Crabs Pediculosis PubisGenital Warts HPVGonorrheaGranuloma, HerpesLymphogranulomaMolloscum ContagiosumScabies, Syphilis  TrichomoniasisYeast Infection / Candidiasis and  Human immunodeficiency virus   H.I.V. which can lead to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome {A.I.D.S} for more info: http://www.urologychannel.com/std/chancroid.shtml

If you frequent outcall or private home escort services you and your family may be subject to future humiliation for your transgressions especially if you’re a public person. The madam who was previously named as a criminal defendant v. the United States and of Pamela Martin and Associates* fame claimed over ten thousand clients and or phone numbers. She allegedly posted the list in its entirety on the internet seeking “potential” witnesses to bolster her defense. To date a National Security Adviser and a U.S. Senator reluctantly came forward.

How many people both escorts and their power clients are suffering in this self made purgatory awaiting their fate to escape the white hot spotlight of national proportions, extortion demands, divorce or to helplessly view their life disintegrating with separation of family, friends, career and reputation from a society intent once confronted with ferreting out duplicitous sexual escapades which sadly may overshadow all the good these high libido, sexual compulsives or recreationally high risk takers have accomplished in their lives.

If you drink and then call outcall services for female company or if you have sex with men/women you’ve never met before then you may want to consider checking out Alcoholics Anonymous, Emotions Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Co-Dependants Anonymous {C.O.D.A} or Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous {S.L.A.A.} For updated home pages please see and remember www.recoveryisforeveryone.com


*The former defendant sadly committed suicide after her conviction. Since she died prior to any appeal of this conviction she is considered exonerated and her name and reputation are restored.



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